There were some big events for Fazeley Studios in the last week of October..!

On Thursday (29 October) our lovely Rachel Carter one of the directors of Fullrange from Studio 26 scooped TWO prizes at the RTS (Royal Television Awards):

Rachel E Carter

She’s been pretty unstoppable as Momster has already won second place at the the performance short film awards at BAFTA and has been accepted into Belfast’s International Cinemagic Festival for Nov/Dec 2009.

Her RTS awards were:

  • ‘Best Production Craft’ award as a Producer for two UK Film Council & Screen WM funded short films, Momster (Dir. Steven Spencer) and Caterpillar (Dir. John Maidens) and for a portfolio of marketing films for work on projects like Landrover and Screen WM’s 2009 Production & Locations show reel which premiered at Cannes Film Festival.
  • ‘Best Fictional’ award for short film Caterpillar, along with co-producer Michael Ford and the writer/director John Maidens. 

If you haven’t seen Momster or Caterpillar they are definitely worth checking out and I’m sure she could be persuaded to show them if you drop her a line: rachel@fullrange.co.uk


Almost as big an achievement was that after partying till 4am, Rachel managed to come and join us all on Friday 30th for the big Fazeley All Hallow’s Eve party…

Halloween band for web 1

Reception was filled with smoke and lit with church candles and UV and thanks to Karl and Chris from Adhere, Studio 34, we had a rolling projection of classic horror movies on a white screen:


The band, Funkify, raised hell on the dancefloor and we confirmed that if you give a bunch of creatives free reign on fancy dress you’ll see some pretty surreal sites …

We had zombies….

Big Button Zombies web

Phantom of the opera:

Nico Jones, big button

Teel Wolf and his girls ….

teen wolf

A surreal weird wearwolf/ghostbuster friendship …

Chris Bates and Andy Hartwell, Substrakt

Gruesom ghouls (sorry Karl)…


Stunning wicked witches…


Gory doctors …


And (costume of the night) even gorier NURSES (yes you Steff!) …

Jill Steff Rachel

If you want a full set of pictures just click here. Hopefully everyone has now recovered from the 900 slices of pizza and 20 cases of wine????

We also had a pumkin carving compeition. The winner will be announced soon, but brownie points for effort to Claire Hartley who actually filmed herself carving the pumpkin brain (see here)!



Now to round the excitement off we can finally announce that strategic marketing company VIVA Aspire will be moving in to Studio 20. Hooray! Gary and Dilesh and their team from VIVA will be round and about the studios to say hi at an afternoon tea very soon. In the meantime you can find out a bit more about them here. Welcome guys!

November has a lot to live up to …

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